About SMEtalks

SME Chamber of India has initiated SMEtalks, a unique platform for successful entrepreneurs & industrialist, thought leaders, technocrats, inventors, experts & stalwarts from various fields and life to present their experience, views, advice, new ideas, concepts, innovation, designs, advanced technology, achievements, new or unique products & services as well as share success stories for the enhancement & improvement of the knowledge, education, skill and scale of Entrepreneurs, Start-Ups, Members of family managed business, workforce, prospective young & women entrepreneurs & Individuals. SMEtalks will also organise discussion, deliberations & debates on the current affairs, governments affecting policies or policy implementation strategy, critical issues on particular policy, effects of the economy, specific industry & business segment, capital market, finance & banking, labour reforms, affecting movements by policy makers or political parties, ignorance & steps of regulatory bodies, impact of rules or law or schemes on Industries and SMEs.

SMEtalks will be the exceptional activities to change the mind-set of entrepreneurs to understand and adopt new theories, acquiring advanced technology for better services and productivity as well as to take benefits of various support services and schemes for transformation of their business activities to achieve the goal. SMEtalks will be useful for Policy Makers, Bankers, Technocrats, management experts, Political Leaders, Regulatory Bodies, NGOs, Trade organisations, Education Institutions and SMEs / Start-Ups to exhibit and showcase their new developments, change in policy, improvement of services, advise to SMEs to compete in Local and Global market.

SMEtalks will play very important role to improve knowledge, ability and capabilities of the Entrepreneurs to play important role and contribute for making NEW INDIA to accomplish dream of Hon’ble Prime Minister.

SMEtalks platform has founded by Mr. Chandrakant Salunkhe, Founder & President - SME Chamber of India and associated by Maharashtra Industrial and Economic Development Association, India International Trade Centre, SME Business Management Institute & Start-Ups Council of India and exploring partnership and association with like-mind Institutions and organisations.