Indian SMEs are playing very important role for Nation’s economic growth, contributing a major share in Industrial output, exports, employment generation, new entrepreneurship and SMEs will be a main force to accomplish “New India” dream project of Hon’ble Prime Minister. Many Entrepreneurs or Enterprises are always keen to know, understand, accept, discuss new business concepts, technology, new products, services or uses of advanced technology as well as debate on affecting issues & problems.

SMEtalks will be an unique advantages for Entrepreneurs, Start-Ups, Members of Business family, prospective entrepreneurs, Students & Individuals and key workforce to get knowledge, education, guidance & support from experts for business transformation and to learn more about business strategies, improvement of entrepreneurial leadership qualities & skills, adoption of new business ideas, advanced technology, innovation and inventions. This also will be useful to strengthen their knowledge and education.

  • Enhancement of knowledge, Skill and Scale
  • Develop entrepreneurial leadership qualities
  • Transformation of SMEs into Smart Enterprise
  • Business Solutions & Support Services
  • Interface with the expert and policy makers
  • Adoption of new business ideas and concepts
  • Understand and aware of new policies, benefits and incentives
  • Awareness about new technologies and digital transformation
  • Mentoring and Acquiring experts suggestions
  • Enhance capacities and capabilities to compete with local and global market